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Project Title : OAuth module enhancements and SMART apps support

Primary Mentor : Sanatt Abrol
Backup Mentor : Harsha Kumara
Student : Prabodh Kotasthane
Project wiki here.
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Major Objectives

Extra Credit

Project Overview

The main objective of this project was to enhance the OpenMRS OAuth2 Module by extending the support for SMART’s EHR launch flow. Also making sure that the module works fine with the OpenMRS reference application. Adding support for various scopes and launch context was another major task. Finally as a cherry on top, an OWA was made in order to make the EHR launch sequence more user friendly and for easy registration of SMART clients using manifest file.

Registration of SMART clients/application RESTfully
Integration of SMART’s EHR Launch Flow
Functionality of Scopes and Launch Context
Open Web Application supporting SMART
Other Objectives

This was really an awesome project to work upon. This project included changes from the database layer, service layer to the UI layer. Also many new technologies were involved which was challenging and fun part too.


JIRA Issues I have worked on and respective Pull Requests

Resources and Demo Presentations

Community Project Talk thread here.
OAuth2 Module documentation here.
Weekly Blog Posts here.
My mid-term presentation video

GSoC-2018 Mid Term Presentation



Thoughts on GSoC

This past summer was the most awesome experience for me. Google Summer of Code with OpenMRS was the most challenging and fun filled coding experience I have ever had. OpenMRS community has been a beautiful community. Everyone here always have a “ready to help!” attitude which makes working very comfortable here. My mentors did helped me a lot whenever I was stuck. Everyday through the summer I had something new, something challenging to do which would push me to do my best and to explore and learn new things. GSoC gave me the exposure to work with such big code base and dynamic tech stack which was really a great experience. Overall, GSoC with OpenMRS made me more confident and helped me in developing technical, communication and managerial skills. Kudos to whole OpenMRS community and GSoC!